How to use the Google Pixel Security Check feature

How to use the Google Pixel Security Check feature

The Google Pixel phone line powered by Android receives a very important update feature dedicated to the user’s personal safety. Learn how to use the Security Check feature.

The latest update for Android 10 in the Google Pixel lineup has brought a number of very interesting features to the platform; one of these features is the Personal Security application. With this new entry to the Android ecosystem, you can ensure that your emergency contacts can find out where you are and if there is a reason to worry.

Emergency contacts can be loved ones, family, friends, coworkers or managers. Anyone who needs to know your location will be relieved that you are using this feature.

But how do they work? This is actually quite simple.

What do you need

As mentioned earlier, the Personal Security application is only available for Google Pixel phones. This is embarrassing, because this application must be installed on any Android device. After using the application, you will realize how important that is for a large number of users.

Therefore, to use this application, you need a Pixel phone. However, your emergency contact does not need to have such a device.

How to use the Security Check feature

The first thing you need is to configure your Emergency Contact. For this, you can refer to my article: How to set up Emergency Sharing on Google Pixel devices. After setting up emergency contacts, you can start using the Security Check feature.

Enter an issue where the Security Check feature refuses to work, due to “problems with Map.” The problem is not clear, but after I open Google Maps and allow it to sync with my location, the Security Check feature is working again. If you have the same problem, open Maps and let it find you.

With everything taken care of, open the Personal Security application. From the main page, tap Security check in the lower left corner (Figure A).

Figure A


The main window of the Personal Security application on Google Pixel 4.

In the resulting window, select the reason you turned on Security Check from the top drop-down (Figure B).

Figure B


Prepare your Safety first Check on Google Pixel 4.

When you tap the drop-down, you can choose from four options or you can write a specific reason (Figure C).

Figure C.


Choose the reason for your Security Check.

Select the duration you will go from the bottom drop-down and tap Next.

On the final screen, you can choose which emergency contact informs you that you are leaving (Figure D).

Figure D


Choose your emergency contact for Security Checks.

At the bottom of this window, you can also choose to notify contacts automatically when you turn on Security Check. Tap the On / Off slider to the On position and tap On.

Your emergency contact will be notified that you have activated Security Check.

On the last screen, you will see a summary of your check. When check-in time arrives, if you don’t respond, your emergency contact will be notified. You can also turn off Security Check at any time by tapping Turn off in the upper right corner (Figure E).

Figure E


Summary of Your Security Check.

If you lower your shadow, you will see another very important feature – a safety check entry that gives you quick access to 911 (Figure F).

Figure F


Quick access to 911 when Security Check is active.

When you return from a walk, be sure to turn off Security Check. If not, you will be reminded when the time you specified has ended. If you do not respond to the check-in, your emergency contact will be notified and can act accordingly.

This new feature must be considered mandatory for many users, so Google really needs to make this application available for all Android users.

Try the Security Check application and see if you (or those who care about you) don’t depend on this new feature.

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