How to Install Google Play on Xiaomi Chinese Phones

How to Install Google Play on Xiaomi Chinese Phones

If your Xiaomi phone doesn’t have Google Play and Google services, we explain step by step how to make it work the way you want.

Xiaomi phones made for the Chinese market are usually cheaper than Global models, and are often sold faster. That means users outside of China can often find themselves with Chinese models.

Even though the Chinese interface and keyboard are not a barrier to you, most western users are adapted for things like Google Play and Google services. This was not preinstalled on Xiaomi phones running Chinese MIUI ROMs.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have three possible solutions:

  1. Return the phone to the sender and buy the Global model
  2. Unlock the bootloader and install Global ROM
  3. Install Google services and adjust Chinese ROM to meet your needs

We will deal with the final option here. For the following steps, we use Redmi Note 8 Pro which runs MIUI 11. The steps will be similar for all Xiaomi / Redmi phones.

How to install Google Play on Xiaomi phones

  • Launch the Mi App Store
  • Search for Google
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select this option:


  • Even though the results are in Chinese, you should be able to create the Google Installer application from its icon:


  • Select Install, then when it’s downloaded Open tap
  • Press the big blue circular button to start installing various components
  • You will be asked to allow the phone to install the application from an unknown source – select Settings,switch to the slider, then continue with the installation
  • Allow every request for permission that appears


  • You will first be asked to install the Google Service Framework. Click Install, then Finish
  • Second is the Google Account Manager application. Click Install, then Finish
  • Third is Google Play Services. Click Install, then Finish


  • At this point the installation seems to hang. Press the big blue circular button to begin installing Google Calendar Sync. Again, tap Install, then Done


  • Again press the big blue button to start installing Google Contacts Sync. Tap Install, then Done
  • Press the big blue button for the last time to install Google Play itself. Tap Install, then Open
  • Follow the Google setup guidelines that are known for logging into your Google account

Now, at this point, you have your Google account running on your device and you might think everything is finished and ready to go. False You will still be faced with a Chinese keyboard, various Chinese applications, and you will not find your contacts or calendar data available. We will discuss how to handle each of the things below.

Install Gboard – Google Keyboard

Google Play must operate on your device. Launch the application, search for Gboard and press Install. When finished, click Open, and allow any permissions that are requested.


You want to set this as your default keyboard. Click Activate in Settings, then turn on the Gboard (and turn off others). Click Ok to the security prompt, then click Finish.

Allow Sync Permissions for Contacts and other data

Even if you install the official Google Contacts application, it still won’t display your contacts. This is because you have not given permission to MIUI to synchronize with Google.


  • From the home screen launch phone Settings> Applications> Manage Applications
  • Scroll down and select Synchronize Google Contacts


  • Switch to the slider next to Autostart
  • Open Permission
  • Allow the following permissions: Change and delete contacts; Read your contact; Account access on the device; Start in the background
  • Exit the Permissions menu and open Battery Saver. Select No Limit


  • Next is Google Calendar Sync, which you must choose from Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Google Calendar Sync
  • Again, allow to restart and turn off Battery Saver, then allow the following permissions: Read Calendar Events; Start in the background
  • Finally, go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Google Account Manager
  • Switch to Autostart and clear all Battery Saver options, then allow all permissions under the Privacy section

If there are other applications that refuse to operate properly on your cellphone, or for those of you who are aware that you have not received a notification for a while, it is almost always a matter of Permission, Autostart or Battery Saver. For each application that is affected, check the relevant options that are activated.

Clear the Chinese home screen search bar


  • Open the phone’s Settings menu
  • Use the Search option to find the Home screen search bar, then turn this off

Tidy up your home screen

Uninstall Chinese applications that can be deleted from the phone by tapping and holding their application shortcuts, then dragging to the Uninstall option at the top of the screen.

If there is a Chinese application that can’t be deleted but you won’t use, create a new folder on the home screen and hide it all here. You can create a new folder by clicking, holding and then dragging one application shortcut above another.

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