How to hide apps on Android

How to hide apps on Android

Android devices offer so many options that can be adjusted so that it is the operating system of choice for thousands of smartphone and tablet users. Of the options that can be adjusted is hiding the apps.

After the application is downloaded, it will immediately become part of the home screen or be included among the downloaded apps platforms known as the apps drawer.

If you try to manage your apps, or only hide certain ones, there are many options for you to do this on an Android device.

Uninstalling and Disabling Applications You Don’t Need

Preloaded Apps

Android smartphones often come with several pre-loaded applications. Many of these you cannot delete completely from the phone. You can “Deactivate” this application from your phone’s settings. This means they will no longer run in the background and they will no longer appear on the home screen. To do this:

Step 1 : Settings (Gear icon is located in the upper right corner of the screen after pulling down from above or with other applications on your device)


Step 2 : Scroll down until you see the Application or Application Manager (this depends on the model & software version)


Step 3: Tap on the application Yes you want to deactivate (beware, some system applications are very important for the operation of your device, deactivating them can cause software failure)


Step 4: Tap “Deactivate”


If you accidentally deactivate the application, or see damage after completing the process, you can follow the steps listed above and click “Activate.” This will revive the application on your mobile.


Another option to deactivate the application is directly to the icon on the home page or application folder. Hold your finger on the application and options will appear; including “disabled,” tap to complete the process.


Uninstalling the Apps

Many applications give you the option to completely remove it from your device. This is easily recognized because the option to “Uninstall” will appear when you perform the steps mentioned above.

Tapping “Uninstall” will delete the application and you will need to go to PlayStore to download it again if you need it.

Use a Third-Party Launcher to Hide

There are useful applications in the Google Play Store to hide applications that you want to keep on your phone but don’t want to appear with other applications.

Downloading the Launcher will change the layout and interface of your home screen. The launcher is another way to customize your phone. As an example; The Nova Launcher is found on the Google Play Store and once downloaded, you can hide applications better than the standard home screen system.


After download; You must go to the Nova Launcher in Settings and set Nova as your Home Screen system. Hiding an application with this launcher is a Prime feature, which means that at the time of this writing it will cost you $ 4.99 to hide the icon in the application drawer.

This launcher does allow you to edit the name of the application for free. If you are interested in learning more about the launchers we have helped you.

While most launchers from Play Store have the ability to hide apps, each has a different function. If you use something like Apex or Action Launcher 3, you want to check in your launcher’s settings to see if there is a way to hide the application from the application drawer.


To hide applications in the Launcher, follow these steps:

  1. Find an application that you like to hide then tap and hold
  2. Drag the icon to the “Edit” icon in the upper right corner of the home screen
  3. A pop-up will appear with various options
  4. Uncheck “Application” settings

To use your hidden application search by its name in the application drawer.


You can also hide the application by going to Nova’s display settings, tapping the “App drawer and widget” option, and scrolling to the bottom of the menu to find “Hide application” under the “Drawer group” category.

In the “Hidden Applications” menu, you can check any and all applications that you want to hide from the Nova drawer.

Remember when downloading and using the launcher as your default home screen, other things can also change. Some launchers are battery hogs while others will wet your phone with advertisements. Before downloading anything like this, be sure to read Google Play reviews.

Other Methods

There are many ways to protect your application and your privacy. Android is one of the most customizable operating systems, which means you can hide applications in any way you want.

Make a Folder

One of the simplest ways to hide an application is to place it in a folder. From your application drawer, tap and hold the application you want to hide.

Drag to another application and it will automatically create a folder. You can adjust the name and placement of this folder after it is created.


Tap the ‘Folder Name’ box to name your folder.

Third Party Apps

There are a number of apps on the Play Store that promise to be able to hide apps from your device, but for the most part, they don’t work or require root access on your phone – and if you aren’t rooted, it’s easier to install a third-party launcher to do the same. same.

The “Application Lock” application on the Play Store which, while not always hiding your application from your cellphone, can at least enter a password on certain applications on your mobile to protect unknown users from accessing the application.

If you are interested in something like this, we recommend using AppLock Fingerprint, a proper application locking tool that you can use your fingerprint to unlock applications that you think are worth protecting.


Unfortunately, aside from using a third-party launcher, it’s difficult to hide apps from your cellphone without deactivating or uninstalling them.

But applications that protect passwords from intruders are a good middle ground, which even though it doesn’t hide your application directly, will secure enough of your private application so that family members, children, or bullies can’t access your data without your permission.

Before downloading any launcher or application on your Android device, it’s important to read the reviews. Some launchers and applications make it more difficult to interact with your home screen while some have added pop-ups.

What if I can’t find the apps that is on my Android?

Sometimes, applications are very difficult to find in the application drawer. You can swipe to access all your applications and type names in the search bar. After it appears, long press on the search results and tap “Find Application.” This will take you directly there.

How can I manage my apps?

Organizing an application is simple, you can long press it and move it to the page in the application drawer you want. You can add applications to the home screen or delete them based on your needs. Color coding in your application is a great way to keep everything organized, and it looks very neat.

Why do I get ads on my cellphone?

As noted above, some applications (usually third party applications and application launchers) will spam your phone with advertisements. Follow the steps above to deactivate the application to find and remove problems that cause additives. You can use safe mode to narrow down the source of your problem.

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