How to Activate Battery Saver Mode on an Android Phone

How to Activate Battery Saver Mode on an Android Phone

Android OS has many interesting features and programs to keep users busy and happy, such as GPS, WiFi, Google Play Store and many others. These applications and features have made users rely more on their smartphones, and unfortunately many of these features can drain your device’s battery as fast as possible; this becomes a problem when the battery finally runs out.

So, what are the solutions for applications and features that drain the battery quickly? What can you do to check your Android’s life a little longer? Fortunately, there are some tricks that we will show you that can extend the battery life of your Android device and you might be surprised by some of these tricks because your mind might never find them as a solution to extend your battery life.

1. Use Power Saving Mode on your Android

This feature is available on all Android devices and can be easily accessed, because all you have to do is swipe the screen from top to bottom, open the shortcut icon and quick access settings icon, then watch the battery icon, after you see the battery icon, after you search for this , click that – and you will see the option to turn on battery saver, turn on this feature to activate your device’s battery saver.


Note: Battery saver can disable some other features on your device such as IM or social media notifications or even slow it down a bit, so don’t be surprised if you find this.

2. Turn Off Some Features Manually

Activating battery saver from your phone’s settings can deactivate some features on your device, but not all. Now to save more battery and get more usage time on your Android device, you need to manually disable or turn off some features. For example, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Hotspots, Data Networks and so on. These features use up your battery life. They can be found and deactivated from the quick access panel.

To access this feature, follow the steps below.

1). Go to Settings> Device maintenance> Battery


2). Click on the Battery Icon shown on the device Maintenance screen.

3). On the next screen, click Battery Usage and then 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.

4). Select Optimize battery usage and from here you can manually disable or turn off features / applications.


3. Use the Settings Tool

Another method is to use the Settings tool, then set the automatic battery saver. From here you can set the battery saver to turn on automatically after your device’s battery has been reduced by 20 or 15%. By default, this feature is never set to turn on automatically, so after you set it, if your battery decreases to a set percentage, you will be prompted with a notification, informing you that the battery saver has been activated.

This is indicated by an orange bar or a plus sign that appears on the battery icon. This feature will turn off automatically after you start charging.
4. Use Third-Party Applications

There are many third-party battery saver applications that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store, but it is quite difficult to find third-party applications that really save battery because most of the steps and battery saving features are accessed manually. In most cases, many battery saver apps do more damage than good for your device. However, there are a number of applications pre-programmed to boot to your device after installation, allowing it to be able to control the factory features of your cellphone and completely turn off important features that drain the battery automatically after being activated.

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